Cryotherapy Spa Treatment

Cryo Spa Treatment

Recover Faster – Perform Better

  • Shorter recovery time post exercise
  • Faster resolution of soft tissue injuries
  • Reduces fatigue – lowers the risk of injury
  • Reduces muscle/joint soreness/strain
  • Reduces swelling
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes neural and cardiovascular system recovery


Athletes and sports people alike understand recovery as being key to continued progression and improvement in their chosen sport.


Proper and adequate recovery from intense training and competition is a must, to allow for longevity in sport. To achieve longevity, injury avoidance is key, through reduction in mental and muscular fatigue.


Cold water immersion along with a good diet and sleep is essential to reduce fatigue. Cold water therapy is an essential tool that an athlete can employ for reducing injury risk, which will lead to increased performance.


EB Sports cryo-spa is an easy and effective way for athletes to supplement their training with a solid recovery regime. Its highly effective in helping stop intense training and competition breaking your bodys systems down and prevent athletes getting into an injury cycle!!

Cryotherapy Ice Bath Dungannon Tyrone Northern Ireland
Cryotherapy Ice Bath Dungannon Tyrone Northern Ireland