Beginning of Something?!

Beginning of Something?!

So I have started again. I have been making excuses for the last 6 months and taking it easy with my training.

A little background to my current position will help.

I have opened my new sports clinic last year on the 17th of September 2012, and have been slowly ignoring my own training needs since. Working long hours and stress can take your mind away from certain things and this is exactly what has happened to me. On top of this, I have an injury to my right hip which has stopped me from running for the last year and a half.

It started back in 2011 about 4-6 weeks before going to Half Ironman Galway, which I did anyway. I had Psaos Buritis, It is the inflammation of the iliopsoas bursa (the largest bursa in the body) that lies between the front of the hip joint and the iliopsoas muscle (a hip flexor). It helps reduce rubbing and friction between the bones and soft tissues that meet at your hip joint capsule. It can also be mistaken for iliopsoas tendinitis or hip joint arthritis. It can become inflamed due to overuse or trauma, which can result in muscle tightness or imbalance.

After 8 weeks of rest from running I finally decided to get it look about (cycling and swimming did not cause any pain). After visiting Paul McCormac of Physio & Co – chartered physiotherapist,!/paul.thephysio?fref=ts we first tried anti- inflammatories which didnt help. Then after an Ultra-sound scan, Paul decided a cortison injection was the way to go, but my hip needed further investigation. So after several MRI Scans and a few visits to an orthopeadic surgeon, it was revealed that i have a torn labrium, trochanteric bursitis, herniated pits in the femur and several other issues. Not good but at least I have something definitive to work with.

Options are either an operation or leave be and try and battle on. I have put myself down for an operation.

Thats 1 1/2 years of no running and generally feeling sorry for myself!

To the present – After listening to alot of friends storys of hard training for ironmans, seeing their facebook posts of links to the ironmans, and treating them for sports massage, I finally cracked. TIME TO GET BACK!

I decided i need to do something about the malaise that has set in. You can easily get into the habit of going to bed that little bit later, going home for a few hours and sitting down, having a cup of tea and a biscuit, instead of the focus thats required for a bit of serious training. I wouldnt say i’m unfit particularly, but to say that i’m in any sort of condition would be a lie (one that i have been telling myself for a awhile now).


This is a question I get from a lot of clients. How do i start to training for a marathon, half marathon, triathlon, Ironman.

Answer – you start at the start! Know matter how fit you think you are or what condition you are in you must have that start point to move forward. All too many people jump into training without a plan. without knowing what they want from their training, or making a call on how realistic their goals are. Is it realistic to say you want to do a 3hr marathon when you havent done a full marathon before, or dont understand how to training your body to cope with the starins of running that time?

What I like to do if a client has an event in mind, is start with the date of the event and work back to today. then set your training accordingly so that you will peak perfectly for that event. Test yourself regualarly so that your can see how your training is going, and re-adjust your goals with these results in mind. Not rocket science – and for the most of us its not meant to be. The less you have running through your head the more focussed you tend to be, and the more likely you will achieve the targets you set.

As for me i dusted of the oul Asics Kayanos, and started back runnning yesterday. No pain in my hip so far, and that leg pain that you feel after your first run in a while feels great.

Where will this lead i dont know – but my focus is back, and hopefully its the Beginning of Something!#


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